Lectures & Presentations

One of the main goals of International Advisory Board of the International Conferences on Endothelin (ET-IAB) is to foster education and progress in medical research and clinical practice. The Chairs of the ET-12 conference in Cambridge in 2011 decided to record lectures and scientific communications delivered at the conferences and to make them available globally through this website and through online publishing in the Conference Proceedings. For the first time in publishing, videos of presentations delivered at a research conference are now part of the online version of printed manuscripts published as part of the Endothelin XII Proceedings. The approach of creating a permanent online record of a biomedical conference, which allows students, researchers, physicians and patients to attend lectures and presentations virtually anytime and from anywhere in the world, or to use lectures for educational purposes, has proven to be very successful: since their launch in 2012, these lectures have been viewed more than 1 million times in more than 200 countries around the world. We are also providing short films created by Angus Hubbard with impressions from the conference attendees and the conference venues, also catching the atmosphere and scientific exchange taking place at these meetings. We will continue to provide this service for students, researchers, physicians, and patients as well as to the scientific community in the years to come. The ET-IAB welcomes suggestions on how we can improve this further (contact).

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