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Rome, Italy, October 11-14, 2023

Publication of the ET-18 Conference Proceedings

The ET-18 conference proceedings will be published in a Special Issue of the journal
Life Sciences. Articles published in the Life Sciences Proceedings of the ET conferences have been very well-cited. The current Impact Factor of Life Sciences is 6.78.

The ET-18 proceedings will be published in Life Sciences in 2024. The Special Issue will be entitled «Endothelin XVIII - Proceedings of the Eighteenth International Conference on Endothelin, Rome, Italy, October 11-14, 2023»

The Guest Editors, Drs Carmine Cardillo, Neeraj Dhaun, and Francesca Schinzari, welcome submission of review original research articles and review articles related to endothelin and endothelin receptors, in the fields of basic science and clinical medicine, that will be considered for the Special Issue dedicated to ET-18.

To allow submission of original research papers presented at the ET-18 conference, the manuscript submission deadline for the Proceedings will be December 31, 2023.

Authors interested in preparing a manuscript please consult the
Guide for Authors available on the publishers' website
To submit a manuscript, use the publishers' online submission system for the ET-18 Special Issue.

Tto submit a manuscript for the ET-18 proceedings go to the
Life Sciences Editorial Manager online submission system, register if you have not already done so, and submit your manuscript. Make sure that you select "ET-18 SI" when selecting the Special Issue.

Some aspects to consider concerning manuscript submission for the ET-18 Proceedings:

- All submissions to this special issue will undergo the same rigorous peer-review process as regular submissions to the journal.
- Submissions received after the deadline may still appear in a future issue of the journal with a link to the special issue the journal
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